Privacy Policy

Data Protection

Here at Mantis Technology Limited we always endeavour to keep your personal data secure and safe.

We understand the need to keep your personal information on a need to know basis. Should we receive any additional data that we deem of no specific interest to our needs, we will securely delete this.

All personal data will only be able to be accessed by employees of Mantis Technology Limited. At no time will your personal data be conveyed to a third party.

Personal Data

Proof of ID and Address from time to time we may request additional information to verify your identity, including but not limited to business and personal postal address(s), identification documents, passports or drivers licences.
Contact Details e-mail address(s), Phone Number(s), Mobile number(s) so we can keep in contact more effectively.
Testimonialsincluding personally identifiable information such as customers name and business name.
Information Logging We may track and use information relating to website usage such as: Internet protocol address; kind of browser, operating system or computer used; number of links clicked within a website; state or country from which you accessed the site; date and time of your visit(s); web page(s) you linked to or from another website; and pages you viewed on a website.

It is imperative that we receive all specific documentation which may assist us in dealing with your enquiry. This includes but is not limited to:

**NB** We may at other times request further information. Any additional information requested will be handled in the same secure way and will only be stored in relation to the Managed IT Service we provide you and for no other purpose.                                                                                                             

Personal Data Storage

We believe in maintaining privacy for all our clients and know it is key in gaining trust. Any and all documentation and data we receive about our clients, are securely stored in password protected folders on our servers. We have a separate CRM system and accounts system which also stores personal data and details; all of which are password protected and only accessible by employees of Mantis Technology Limited on a need to know basis.

Some systems store information on a server outside of the EEA, but this is in a jurisdiction with an adequate data protection policy as deemed by the European Data Protection Board.

We do not store any paper or hard copies of any information that we may receive via post. Any mail we receive into the office is scanned and saved onto the client’s personal folder, with the subsequent hard copy securely shredded within our offices.

We maintain all personal records for no longer than 6 years or as is reasonably expected to be maintained in order to deal with any tax enquiry or accounts service.

Should you request for your information to be removed prior to the end of the 6-year term, this will be acted upon under the terms of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Personal Data Requests

Should you wish to request access to your personal data we have on file, please send an email to

Should you require your personal data to be updated or rectified this can be done by emailing a request and description of said updates to

If you would like us to remove or delete the data we have held on file; you will be required to send a request through to In compliance with GDPR any data requested to be removed will be dealt with securely.

All documents we hold on file will be shredded using an inhouse shedder. All information held on internal computers will be permanently removed using a computer application that ensures the files are nonrecoverable.

Time Frames

Any correspondence in relation to data protection and request of access rights will be responded to within 30 days.

Complaints procedure

If you wish to make a complaint about the way your data has been handled or have any queries/issues in relation to your data protection rights, please email our Data Protection Officer  at The Data Protection Officer will then keep you informed on the progress of the outcome and remedy of the complaint.

Any complaint not dealt with within 3 months, has the right to a judicial remedy.

*For further information as to your right to make a complaint please view Article 77 of the GDPR and Recital 141.

Data Protection Officer “DPO”

The Data Protection Officer for Mantis Technology Limited is Timothy James White.


In order to detect and report illegal activity, we may use your personal information to run a background and identity check on you.

Using the information you provide us, we will utilise a Global Identity Database. This system is run by employees of the Company and no details will be sent to a third party to run the verification on our behalf.

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